It's a Scorcher! How to Stay Cool in a Heatwave

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Niko Downie

When the mercury's rising in the city or at the cottage, fend off the heat with summer accessories designed to help you stay cool and look good while everyone and everything is melting around you.  Kick back with an ice cold glass of your favourite tipple and take your pick from these summer styles:


From top left:

Avio Sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry, $230, perfect for keeping the glare out of your eyes as you line up your croquet shot for the win.

Panama Hat with Enamel Fish Hook by Miansai, $135.  Whether it's a panama or a straw fedora, a light summer hat will keep the baking heat off your head, and look darn good to boot.

Woven Canvas & Leather Tote by WILL Leather Goods, $96. If you're headed to the beach to sit out the heatwave, pack a light canvas tote with your bathing suit, sunscreen and a big bottle of water.

'Unbreakable' Necklace by Pyrrha, $165.  If all else fails, this talisman will help to remind you that nothing will break you, not even million-degree heat.




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