Passionate about Print

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Niko Downie

We know there are plenty of fans of beautiful printing out there (we're big fans ourselves) and there aren't many things that can give keener pleasure than a virgin notebook with a beautiful letterpress cover, just waiting to be filled with our thoughts, musings, sketches, to do lists, phone numbers and more.  So imagine our excitement now that we have Field Notes notebooks in stock!

Made in the USA and available in 4 styles - original Field Notes memo notebook, red letterpress cover, 'Expedition' limited edition and steno pad - along with Field Notes ballpoint pens and cedar pencils, these natty little notebooks are a must for anyone wanting to take notes on life, or they make a wonderful gift for the man or woman who likes to make lists.  And let's face it, who wouldn't like conspicuously making lists in a notebook that looks this good?



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